Siriussoft Corp.

Siriussoft Corporation is a specialized entity in informatization for public organizations: the company has been carrying out IT solution development, system integration and IT consulting. The IT solutions that the company owns are being deployed to a variety of government organizations overseas as well as national patent offices home and abroad.

System Integration

Based on its variety of business experience in the IP industry and outstanding technique, Siriussoft has been participated in a number of system integration projects home and abroad. System integration (SI) includes a series of service from system development, management and maintenance as well as thorough analysis on customers' needs and customized system design. Through such SI service, Siriussoft has a mission to implement the best IT environment for various customers in the e-government service area and to ensure that its customers to be able to reach their professional goals accordingly.

Major achievements in overseas SI projects

2015 Follow-up Project of Development of Modernized Intellectual Property Information System of Mongolian Intellectual Property Office, and Automation Project for Intellectual Property Management System of Azerbaijan (KOICA)
2013 ~ 2015 Establishment of Education Center for e-Government in Azerbaijan (KOICA)
2013 ~ 2015 Upgrade and Modernization of the ICT Infrastructure of the ZIPO (Zimbabwe), ARIPO and its Member States (KOICA)
2011 ~ 2013 Automation Project for Intellectual Property Management System of Azerbaijan (KOICA)


IP Administration Automation Solution

IP administration automation solution is a package to deal with the overall management work of IP that most national patent offices carry out.

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Document Digitization Solution(WIPO Scan+)

Based on the cooperation framework with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), Siriussoft Corporation was selected as a cooperating partner of WIPO in November 2009.

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Text-mining Based Search Solution

The purpose of this text-mining based solution is to support companies, institutes and inventors for their prior art search in more prompt and accurate ways. Instead of directly inputting complicated search formula, this solution enables users to bring questions with document numbers.

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Trademark Search Solution

A trademark search is an important step for companies to begin to market their products or services in a foreign market.

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F/S Consulting for African Regional Intellectual Property Office

Siriussoft Corporation implemented the feasibility study consulting project for IP informatization of the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) and its 18 member states in 2011. This project is a cooperating project with an international organization, which Siriussoft was selected as the consulting body by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency of the Republic of Korea (NIPA) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

IP Panorama in Arabic

Along with its sister company, EC Global, Siriussoft Corporation successfully established IP Panorama in Arabic in 2009. IP Panorama is a multi-media e-learning contents dealing with IP in the business perspective, which the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) and WIPO have the joint copyright for. Since its initial version in English in 2007, IP Panorama has been utilized as a training material in a variety of training centers as well as national patent offices worldwide. It is now translated and available in numerous UN official languages, and deployed around the world.



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